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Workshop Overview

Want to figure out how advanced autopilots work?

Want to learn open-source tools for building UAVs?

Want to build and configure aerial robots with experts?

NavStik announces a 3-day hands-on autopilot workshop in Bangalore. Starting from the basics, the workshop will take the participants through the hardware and software details of NavStik advanced open-source autopilot system, including advanced concepts, such as, multi-threaded real-time operating systems, applications for navigation and control, integrating the hardware and software of autopilots with the aerial robot, telemetry, tuning the gains and flight-testing.

The objective of the workshop is to familiarise the participants with modern open-source tools that can be deployed for building advanced autonomous aerial robots. This will enable researchers/developers follow the best practices and jumpstart their work. The “hands-on” nature of the workshop will make sure that the participants get first-hand exposure to configuring, programming and building advanced autonomous aerial robots.


Details of NavStik open-source autopilot, and all other hardware components required for building an autonomous aerial robot will be discussed. The hardware architecture of autopilot will be discussed in details.


Configuration of the real-time embedded firmware will be discussed. The concepts of RTOS, autopilot algorithms, telemetry protocol, data-logging, and writing custom algorithms will be presented.


Participants will go through the step-by-step procedure for complete system integration and configuration. Making modifications to firmware for custom flight mission will also be discussed.


The control-loops on the integrated autonomous aerial robot will be tuned for stability and autonomous way-point-navigation. Use of GCS for tuning, telemetry, and data-logging will be discussed.

This workshop is intended for professionals and researchers working on implementation of advanced autonomous mobile robots, particularly, aerial robots. It will enable them to make effective use of advanced open-source tools to build the systems of their interest, better and faster!

Workshop Contents

The workshop is spread over three days. The first day will focus on the hardware architectures, setting up the development toolchain, programming the autopilot, working with the ground-control-station, and related concepts. Second day would delve into details of the software architecture, autopilot algorithms, writing custom real-time applications, telemetry and data-logging. The final day will deal with setting up hardware-in-loop simulations, conducting flight tests and advanced applications, such as, computer-vision based indoor navigation and collision avoidance.

The participants would be expected to come with their laptops (windows/linux). The complete software toolchain will be installed and configured on their systems. The autopilot hardware and aerial robots will also be made available during the workshop to familiarise the participants with programming the hardware and integrating an autonomous aerial robot. Flight session of autonomous aerial robots would also be conducted during the workshop.

Detailed program is listed below:


  • Overview of Autopilot Hardware
  • Interfacing with the Airframe
  • NavStik Software Architecture
  • Setting up Development Toolchain
  • Code Compilation
  • Downloading Code on NavStik
  • Accessing NavStik Console
  • Ground Control Station


  • Real-Time Operating System
  • Device Drivers
  • Data Sharing Model (Object Request Broker)
  • State Estimation Algorithms
  • Control Algorithms
  • Writing Custom Code on NavStik
  • Onboard Data-logging
  • MAVLink Protocol and Telemetry


  • Hardware-in-loop Simulations
  • Integration of a Complete UAS
  • PreFlight Checks
  • Controller Tuning
  • Flight Testing
  • Computer Vision: Optic Flow
  • Computer Vision: Stereo Vision
  • Advanced Applications

When and Where


Vatika Business Centre,
Divyashree Chambers
2nd Floor, A Wing
Langford Town


25th, 26th and 27th Sept, 2014


9:30 AM to 5 PM


How to Register

Registration Process

1. Fill in and submit the pre-registration form on the right, or drop an email to admin@navstik.org.
2. We will confirm the availability and send the invoice with payment details.
3. The fees can be paid via NEFT transfer, or Cheque, or Demand Draft.
4. We will send the registration confirmation on receipt of payment.

This is a hands-on workshop with limited seats. Registrations will be considered final only on receipt of the fees.

Workshop Fees

Working Professionals: INR 25,000 per participant (inclusive of taxes)
Academic Institute (Staff): INR 20,000 per participant (inclusive of taxes)
Students: INR 10,000 per participant (inclusive of taxes)


Workshop Dates: 25th, 26th, 27th Sept 2014

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